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My Deer Killer-67

Mine is a deer killer
keeps me awake at night,
such a lot of sadness
from one steel barrel.
There were certain death shapes
on this range of yards
for young men to kill.
Anywhere within the dark lines
was considered good,
anywhere in the center
was considered great,
in the heart or chest
was the goal.
Mike Hendershot 2010

11 Jan 10

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Very powerful write, my friend!  The first stanza alone says so much--for me it really sets up the rest of thwe poem.
 — PaulS

Thanks PaulS... stalking deer was so much like the enemy... now nights are spent at times with that very deer slayer, anywhere within the dark night lines was consider good, our goal was the heart not unlike the nights when the heart flutters and you breath deeply in a sweat online again fire for effect was heard... all ready on the firing line... j.g. smiles
 — goeszon