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know that when you are right
it lasts an instant
do not be disturbed by being right
only in a moment
know that when you are wrong
it can last life times
strive to be right

25 Jan 10

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piece, do you mean peace?
 — unknown

no, mean piecing.
 — hank

but peace. of course.
 — hank

I get "Piecing." At least I get that the narrator is piecing his or her life together by instants in rightness. But did you mean "lifetimes?" To my ears, the last line may be understood to mean stay in the moment, not just live right. Provocative.
 — NicMichaels

 — hank

yes yes yes. and no. the last line just means what it says. 'strive to be right'.
who said anything about 'living' right?.
 — hank

good nicmichal.
 — hank