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for bacon

painting is too dirty; too hard
doesn't cu#t quick enough

25 Jan 10

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Ok. I like short. I believe this is what a person would call a deconstructed poem. To my read, the title refers obliquely to the old phrase "Bringing home the bacon." The narrator doesn't like the way he's getting that done, painting. I don't understand the shorthand in line 2, but I would like to. The terse language works for me if the narrator is in construction. Macho. To the point. Good choice.
 — NicMichaels

if its macho, that's good.
you, if i may, need to revisit the title.
actually, the entire meaning.
francis bacon.
 — hank

the shorthand in line 2 is meant to send your head in two directions.
purposefully. and by that i mean i know the two directions; that your
head will go towards.
 — hank

nice direction.
 — jenakajoffer