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Bride of Palestine

And I shall wear a suit
of blood. Replace my wedding
gown with Mother's ululation
and the howl of widows.
On my marriage day children
shall be flowers scattered
red in the streets, petals
along my bridal path.
Their fathers shall join my family
scars: Only death confirms life.
And I shall go to it before it
comes to me. Revenge as I die.

9 Feb 10

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You are wasting your time here. better off to split open a vein.
 — unknown

Well executed. No crits. No radicals here. Just a biting wit for a wedding present from the lab scientist.
 — NicMichaels

Wow...this is meaty.
very good.
 — mandolyn

WHO are you bloodfetish?
You have the flavor of someone I have read before.
 — unknown

i really enjoyed the line=breaks in this poem, and of course, the poem.
the first line introduces a sort of morbidity
but it is controlled,
shares a beauty and romance in dying.  i like how children are mentioned in L5, nice touch.  
i think you need a semicolon in L7, not a comma.

great read, thanks.
btw, how old is this one?
 — jenakajoffer

This is written with the passion of one willing to give their life for country--the song of a suicide bomber.
 — PaulS

umph - a flower of blood nourished by revenge - captivating write that sees with viscereality beyond the fatal-skin we're in
 — AlchemiA

 — psychofemale

Thank you for teaching me that listening is just important as talking
 — unknown