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go count that change that you could not spare the homeless. go take you artistic photos and wear your football helmets. the cattle cant take care of themselves but you take care of them... everyday... thanks for the headlights in my eyes thanks for the blinding light. thanks for illuminating the black sky. read the manuscripts, deface the texts. you cant wait until the end. i am the end.

18 Mar 04

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I love your poems, i truly do. Very nice work on this one, cant wait tos e some more!!!!!!
 — Me_eM

hot I'm actually at half mast.
 — PictursRhung

Again, I don't get it.  This would be easier to read in another format.  Why are you the end?  Tell us something and make it move and shake us.  This is not powerful enough to move me.
 — Isabelle5

Yeah Seth throw a hot beat behind it and read it at a club. I want to move and shake for you baby. Lovely poem.
 — InMyBlood

I agree with Isabelle...
 — unknown

Well, I think this indicates that modern poetry is a bit of a joke too.
 — unknown

 — unknown

This piece is neither informative or a poem,and by the way, don't be so keen to put things into boxes as in your title.Whats modern about modern art ,just because its now' and anyway a lot of it is ironic,and irony, especially with a smile is in short supply on this board sometimes
 — larrylark

I'm sorry that it doesn't fit "Larry's" Standards. I love it Sethers. BTW true poetry doesn't have boundries.
 — mealone

 — madderhatter

 — lieskilllies

This is fucking meat.
 — OKcomputer

Yeah, unhindered.  Kudos to YOU.  
 — unknown

Ever heard of line breaks?
 — unknown

go take you artistic proofreading somewhere else.
 — unknown