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the modern gods, high over
the seacrest of ryan
in kanye west, sip oolong
on their balconies, balustrades
sharp as britney spears,
faces tan, clean as kings:
larry, stephen, coretta scott.
in winter, they barricade
in the cabins of copperfield,
eastwood, and tigerwood;
they are clandestine, superstitious,
sprinkling chris rock at supper
and amanda peet at midnight,
shuddering at the howls of faith hill.
they are the secret order
of the phoenix, hawke, and crowe--
their children, angular and swift
as taylor (eyes pale seth green
and hair cropped a goldie hawn),
shall inherit the neil diamond
and precious oliver stone.
but i, mere mortal,
have signed my name
in the sacred heath ledger
with the penn of sean.
i have survived the pitts
of brad, the cages of nicolas--
can i not then ascend
with the angels of criss
to those gleaming bill gates?

27 Mar 10

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 — unknown

bunny luv it
 — DeformedLion

reaDiculously absurd with a verity of wit running through it - made me grin and it scans with mellifluous voice - nice write aurilious - the title says it all
 — AlchemiA

Just trying to lighten myself up.  Thanks for the props.
 — aurelius

haha, this is some good smart-ass.  clever aureo,
good job.
 — jenakajoffer

ps.  i wanna live forever.
 — jenakajoffer

Ha Ha Ha, this is quite clever, some nice wordplay going on here.
 — PaulS

aurelius:  I just keep reading this over and over, it's awsome!
 — PaulS

 — unknown

what a load of sandra bollox
 — unknown

wordplay that would excite a good comedy writer, not bad at all.
 — jharrison

AMAZING! so funny. and whitty. smart!
 — SweetPain

interesting read :D
 — psychofemale

I love this writing!  Write up my Kirsti Alley!  Maybe consider playing with the title:
"Fame... I'm gonna live forever"
 — jpmhawk

thanks guys
 — aurelius

how long did this take ya?
 — yeehaw

definitely took awhile; I wrote it over a period of a few days
 — aurelius

Give me Mo'nique.
 — ishtarboy300

Love it.
 — Callisto

you should be on TV!
What are you doing writing poetry?
 — bettyw1873

 — unknown