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Glitter and prayer

A mother stuffs holidays
with marshmallow chick sunshine -
she wants you in Easter baskets all your life
                          outside the same porch,
                                 on a different Sunday, comes
the neighbor's family dog. His only vice
actual rabbits
un-seaming themselves
in foil tufts. He proffers
the soiling of real
grass, you bury your pets
with a popsicle-stick cross.
Glitter, prayer. Adult
curl a sermon of ribbon
for little fingers to grab. But who can choose
between holidays and dogs?

30 Mar 10

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This is good. I especially like the last stanza. =]
 — radiogirl

Nice contrasts to set up your message.  I like how you delivered this one.
 — Tandisol

This is different. I really like it
 — psychofemale

Thank you radiogirl, Tandisol, psychofemale.
 — NicMichaels

Intriguing poem well writ.  Brings to mind "Watership Down" for some reason.
 — JKWeb

 — mandolyn

This is a great write.  You have the ability to take the simplist of life's moments and give them an edge.  You have a unique and special voice, poet.
 — PaulS

awestruck at the imagrey of 'curl(ing) a sermon of ribbon/for little fingers to grab'

 — PaleHorse