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park night

waiting in the park
like it's been for ages
just sitting here,
in the cold, on a swing
where I first cried to you.
just sitting. alone. except I'm not cause
im with the night.
and the people walk by on a sidewalk
on the other side of the fence
where I know the grass to be greener
but you wouldn't recognize me there
not with my proud chin and haughty walk.
I think it's the realization
that it has been ages
(3 of them to be exact)
is what finally makes me stand up
and walk into the concrete road
past the fence. past the boundary of beyond.
where I was too scared to be before you told me you were afraid.
I'm angry now. more than I'll ever show
it's ten o'clock and dark out
you don't get to be the scared one.
its been too many accidents
with me cleaning up the mess
and yet I still am the only one waiting.
its damn cold

31 Mar 10

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 — silentspring

I love this more than you know!
 — psychofemale