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im afraid this day would come.
i didnt see it coming.
as I stare at you sleeping.
there's this impulse from within
that makes me strongly want to hug you and just cry...
cry as loud as i could,
cry as much as i could
until my tears run out.
it doesnt have to be this way.
like for no reason,
what has been burning for years
has finally halted in its own pace and rhythm.
what should i do?
tell me.
it hurts me so bad that i know
i would eventually have to spill this and hurt you.
i know it would hurt you.
you would bleed
and just the thought of it
shatters my soul.

3 Apr 10

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Did you mean 'as I stare at you sleeping?'
 — mandolyn

@ mandolyn: yes, corrected.thanks =D
 — betrayed

oh wow....deep...but i've been there...in the deep
 — psychofemale

@  psychofemale: lol...   great minds think real deep   ;)
 — betrayed

 — betrayed