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To Kill a Buzz

Sitting on my stoop,
Long hands dangled off my knees,
A gentle breeze
Combed strands of hair aside.
I reflected. I smiled.
I was high
And the night behind
Was full of love
And that certain kind of laughter
That lingers
long after it's last cries.
I let the THC drift my mind
From topic to tangent with grace;
A hawk that glides
Across clear skies on summer days:
“The city really is like a concrete jungle.
That stray cat there’s like a lion—
Or tiger, since he has stripes
—Searching for food.
A true solitary creature.
That’s really cool—“
“—Hmm, I haven’t played solitaire in awhile
Mom used to play that game all the time.
I haven’t talked to her in awhile,
God, I love her.  I’ll call tomorrow—”
“—I should pay my phone bill.
I should cancel my plan with T-Mobile
And switch to Verizon.
That’s what I should do.
Maybe I will”
I didn’t see it—
I heard the gunshot. So abrupt,
And human screams erupted
From an adjacent building,
Chilling my warmth.

I really like the concept behind this poem, but I'm not quite sure I have executed that concept near as well as I can.  Thoughts?

12 Apr 10

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I like this...how it switches subjects a lot
 — psychofemale

I think this is terrific, sincerely.  You took me into your warm, easy bent-ness, and I felt for you, when something destructive, assaulted your delicious no-thingness.  I'm giving this a 10 because I GOT it.  Excellent.
 — CervusWright

yes, modest and very deep.
 — manuka

Thanks guys!
 — joelala