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Where The Wild Things Are

In the wild things forest a jungle grew
and a boat appeared on the shore."Cor blimey, let's go!"
So they rowed over rivers oceans and ponds through hail and the snow,
singing their songs till they came to the house of Max, the wildest of them all.
What a roaring ball they had,
everyone went mad but none madder than mad Max,
who wore them out with his screaming and shouting.
Then, like all wild beasts, they slumped down on their chairs  
and wished to head back to their flea ridden lairs,
where they grappled with polar bears, and had not one care in the world.
But Max roared his terrible roar and was sick all over the floor
and cried and cried and cried till they thought he might die.
So the Wild Things stayed and they're there to this day,
hiding in the wardrobe snoring until the dead of night
when they leap out on Max who pretends to be frightened
but never really is, being the bravest  most imaginative boy
in the whole wide world, except when wishing to kiss a girl.

13 Apr 10

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Nice poem.  I think I had the book as a kid but haven't seen the movie yet.  Maybe consider omitting 'the' from line 3 and 'in the world' from line 10.  Of course, it's your call but enjoyed reading overall.
 — JKWeb

Yes, I havent seen the movie, but read the book. really like ur poem
 — psychofemale

Thanks for the advice JK which i will consider at the next quarterly review

 — larrylark

lovely. not see the movie either. love the book though. thanks.
 — unknown

No probs. The book is brilliantly illusttrated and i look forward to how they tackle it visually in the film

Larry wild thing Lark
 — larrylark