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an elephant in the room

a bright pink elephant plodded
slowly out of its zoo enclosure
past all the zoo visitors
past the zoo keepers too
(it had to slightly bow its head
as it exited the zoo gates)
it dodged traffic
that did not stop for the wondrous sight
as it crossed the street
to the square opposite
there, the elephant flexed its knees
and jumped
jumped so high, high above the zoo
its shadow scudding across the city
no one is startled (or hurt)
as it landed, deftly, at my doorstep
it plodded further, through the door
squeezed itself up the stairs
and slowly, silently, entered the room
as we shared a hesitant kiss

13 Apr 10

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i think he might have landed on my laptop else my LED is smashed itself to bits. nice write.
 — manuka

your name is mudd to me
 — unknown

Love this!!
 — psychofemale

And yours is unknown to me?
 — Mudd