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My Son's Pals

They cleaned us out of custard,
made short work of the beer.
Baa Lamb Curry went down a treat,
raise a glass and shout three cheers.
Stayed up till five next morning,
played computer games.
Loaned ten quid from my begging bowl,
but nobody was to blame.
They ate a hearty breakfast,
mustard and fries on toast.
Then one said though it’s Tuesday,
can we dine on Sunday roast?
They complained about the gravy,
said the broccoli looked like trees.
At midnight, under moon so bright,
they invited their friends to tea.

19 Apr 10

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this is similaaar to the "March Of The Founding Fathers"... we used to have to march to it in orphanage. used to beat the time on our heads with sticks. i believe it was written by dulbert and sullivan on an off day.
 — bmikebauer

I do hope they found their fathers as I think I know what it feels like to be a lost dad

Larry gone pop Lark
 — larrylark

the poor things ended up as lackeys to donald trump. had to wipe spilled martinis and tuck the master in bed. used to read poetry to him to send him to dreamland. it's where i got my start.
 — bmikebauer

how old is your son

he'd get as far as four words of poetry and drop into a coma. must have been the gin.
 — bmikebauer

Interesting poem
 — psychofemale

boys will be those boys
 — unknown

used to jerk awake about an hour later.
 — bmikebauer

You seem to hjave come up Trumps Michelle
 — larrylark

Old enough to know better
 — larrylark

That bepends on the boys
 — larrylark

LOL @ "Michelle"  

Nice nonchalant response there LarryLarksAlot
 — unknown

My aim in life is LOL Much better than FMB (Fuckin Musery Bastard)

Larry Larkin Lark
 — larrylark

you have an 'aim in life'?? what year and model?
 — bmikebauer

larry, I knew this was yours as soon as I read the first two lines!  You have an excellent voice that is so unique!   You made me laugh, which is always a welcome relief here where the manure gets thick and chokey!
 — Isabelle5

circa antidote to misery's and depressives
 — larrylark

Hi Isabelle

I don't know how you stick it on here sometimes but you have my utmost admiration for doing so

Larry crawling brown nose Lark
 — larrylark