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A Harsh Ending for the Life of the Top Twenty-Five Playlist

Once residing in the most curious non-extant iPod of all time.

When I was fifteen,
I tried to tell you.
The story of the Top Twenty-Five
Playlist. A strange sort of person,
liked to talk to songs. The songs liked
Playlist as well, as to be friends
with Playlist was an amazing honor.
All they had to do was be played the most.
Simple—but the songs didn't find it this way.
The songs, while singeing with their desire to
be given the most attention,
began to fall into corruption.
Scandal jagged the iPod.
The songs just wanted to be played,
as they got fame from their listener,
and from Playlist.
But when the listener became angry,
because he wanted many of his songs to not
go so unnoticed,
he kicked out Playlist.
Straight to the Recycle Bin,
where he would not be recycled.
But I never would have been there
to stop this madness
and save Playlist.
Because you never gave me
a chance—never let me have
an iPod and learn this lesson.

19 Apr 10

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Interesting one...
 — psychofemale

It would have worked better if it wasn't so broken up. I like it, but it could use some serious improvement with the flow. Keep it up!
 — irisiis


"you cheated!"
 — listen

now we're talking.

(it's not the cool fire it used to be ...)

 — listen

This reads more like a confused explanation than a poem
 — larrylark

 — trochee