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Cold Feet

You're running away again.
How far will those feet carry you in the cold?
Before you turn warm and melt
the frost beneath you.
And underneath it all...
you'll find solid, hard ground
waiting for something real to touch it.
Something as real as you leaving me...
every time you get scared
and nauseated about settling down.
Do you think the leaves in the fall want to fall from the trees?
Do you think they want to settle down on the ground?
The same ground you walk on, every time it gets cold outside.
They don't...
They wish they could stay in bloom all year...
I am like those leaves, holding on until I can't anymore.
Holding on until you leave me in the fall...
and then I
onto that solid, hard ground...
waiting for something real
to touch it.

20 Apr 10

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This is nice female!
I like this one.
Nice picture too.
I like the simplicity of the writing.
It doesn't need to be verbose.
It is a good picture of how you feel.
 — mandolyn

Thank you mandy :) that means so much ....
 — psychofemale

 — unknown

thanks ;*D
 — psychofemale

 — unknown

You got cold feet or something? lol
 — psychofemale

anyone else?
 — psychofemale

Love the concept and genuine feeling.
 — sybarite

thanks :)
 — psychofemale

i like this one psycho! :)
 — Tandisol

thank you :)
 — psychofemale

everyone has pretty much said what i would have......a real nice piece.
 — arpit

Thank you again :P means the world
 — psychofemale

I really liked 1-7, maybe 8,9 can be posed differently, it kind of stops the flow presented in the first three stanzas. I like the spacing, its kind of like leaves falling =]
 — Callisto

thank you :) I understand what you mean about 8,9
I will try and fix that ...it had been bothering me as well :D thanks again
 — psychofemale

any time ^__^
 — Callisto

I think if I drop part of it down it reads a lot smoother...
 — psychofemale