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A Lasting Expression

killed the cat
stepped on the wire
just like that
Fried the princess
she lost her shoe
One bolt of electricity
her hair looks new
Full of static
split ends to match
dead on the floor
she once was a catch
Lipstick smeared
stormy eyes
a lasting expression
caught by surprise
Sneaky, malicious
he used to say
until she caught him
with her one day
One hand over mouth
the other with a fist
shocked from the heartache
no one could resist
The force was too strong
she died on the scene
along with her love
he could never redeem

30 Apr 10

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One BOlt zZZZz her fucking hair, blew.
 — unknown

my ^ 2c nts for you psyguy
 — unknown

Lousy title by the way
 — unknown

should be
 — unknown

Woohoo for Unks! woo whoo for unks!! lets throw a party of the 4 little unks! thats my new song how u all enjoy it! :D hey hey now, number one hit rite their...

want me to grow up, how bout you do first.... WOW!
 — psychofemale

wow i had some typos but who gives a shit.
 — psychofemale

I think unks are all children...
 — psychofemale

 — unknown

 — psychofemale

YOu are pyscho
 — unknown

 — psychofemale

gahhhhhh.....really? I mean really? pathetic.
 — psychofemale

certainly not about my princess, as she likes it rough and would have redeemed me if i broke her neck.

nice ditty.
 — raskolniikov

 — psychofemale

I think it can be condensed, but only a wee bit.
I just love this: playful and NOT contrite. THE FEMALE
of this strange, strange species. I speak from...the Middle Ground,
 — R_Reid_Welch

Why thank you :) I am sure this will be condensed when it is set to music one day :D so glad you enjoyed it!!!
 — psychofemale

this, along with the rest of your pieces seem to have high lyricism. you are a songwriter, yes?
this is reminds me of lewis carroll with the rhyme & skewed fantasy set in reality - later to find the fine line between the sacred & profane.

i like. a lot. well done : ]
 — outlaw

Why yes, I am a songwriter! So glad you enjoyed this piece :)
 — psychofemale

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