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Break the Silence

You look older than your age
your unusual brown and blue eyes
forgiving in an intuitive kind of way
The softness of your face interjected
with trench-like laugh lines
and that hair -
Careless and unkempt
shielding and encircling the
delicate pinkness of your lips
I miss the way you gently stroked my hair,
then back, one arm draped across me,
a light kiss on my forehead
trickling down to my neck
and still going
How our north and south lips pressed
firmly against each others
like a magnetic pull
our hands entwined,
our legs wrapped like ribbons
and our skin clinging to one another's
panting between pulsing heart beats
you said I was beautiful
when I smiled
then you were gone
and now this,
an unconditional silence
separating the room
pushing me to the other side of
the window, I'm looking in
transparent, an unholy ghost
speaking in tongues
I want my shirt to be
the one absorbing your tears
I want my face to be
your comfort
I want gravity to forgive me
so that I can inch forward
and settle in your arms

8 May 10

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I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this...:)
 — psychofemale

thank you!
 — sungiant