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Inexplicable Kiss

Inexplicable Kiss
By Uriah Lee Hamilton
Will she cry with me
Thinking of childhood dances
And innumerable lovely memories?
Ghost stories at campfire parks,
Chivalry at water fountains and merry-go-rounds,
She held my arm at the amusement park,
I thought my heart would stop on the rollercoaster
Feeling her breath like an inexplicable kiss.
I want to live my life for ecstatic highs
And to hear her voice at candlelight dusk;
To move around through a city
As romantic streetlights cast loving glances
Into the sweet and drunken night.
I happen to be a lonely poet
Writing immortal poetry
Near the place of our rendezvous tree;
It doesn’t matter where this lullaby ends
Nor where I awake to a stark reality,
I wrote it as a prayer for her protection.

9 May 10

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Absolutely love it
 — psychofemale