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always got something up her sleeve

I don't trust her                                      always smirking                                      about something....                                       I'll never know about.                                   She's insane                                                 and the demons                                           she brings                                                 along with her...                                          hang out with the skeletons                            in her [closet]                                            locked there                                                 to rot away                                                 like their flesh did                                       long before.                                                 She's got something up her sleeve.               The key to the [closet].

14 May 10

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ah well fuck, i guess i will comment,
no need for about - what?
i know her
and the demons molest the skeletons in her [closet] .
 — unknown

i like it
 — silentspring

The lay out effectively enhances the poem. Puts me in mind of some of Peter Readings poems which are similarly formatted
 — larrylark

 — Tandisol

Thanks you all...that means so much!
 — psychofemale

its spose to read lie across but my format kinda messed up
 — psychofemale

anyone else...
 — psychofemale

I do like poems that hint at a story but leave 90% untold. This one does just that.
 — MarcusLane

cute. enjouyed. thanks.
 — unknown

psycho you are really breaking out of your shell. -mandee

 — unknown

thanks guys that really means much :D
 — psychofemale

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 — unknown