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Pendulum for a Faun

We've driven there before
and will never be driven no more
to that place in the wilds of our wake
on the bank
of that hush'ed Faun Lake
All the times we've been there before
and the times still to come to be sure
will ne'er be as witching as the morn I recall
as that third weekend spring
out of fall
It wasn't the dusk in which we arrived
that held my attention
neither Cognac nor hemp's holy high
'Twas the morning of orange
and dawny reprieve
that made me awake
and made me believe.
two score and six was the time I awoke
sun barely risen from Set's cavern brig
air heavy
still with evening tide’s dew
and me in your bed
It was the pollen
spewn from the gonads of trees
in the hundreds of thousands
that enchanted me
the sky was made tawny
and sulfurous gold
an effulgence that bathed you
in beauties untold.
Ah, glory
Oh gilt ecstasy
This vision is Absinthe
in knowing
set free
Christ's crown of thorns
the sun's coming rays
were filtered through the yellow
of this living haze
and your breasts were upturned halos
beneath the beast
of your face
All was covered
and all was so still
The color so violent
And you
were God's will.
and the water was shrouded
under slicks
of lemon silt
and coming back up to your million dollar cot
I saw you sat down at your table
Your right hand was raised to a separate heaven
and your left
carried a suspended pendulum
You asked it your questions
it gave you its answers
I watched and I wished that you knew
That the gods of your ballast
and lake
and your answers
are the faun
that stands before you.

25 May 10

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fuk me jesus this is fukinforever and a day good
 — unknown

^my sentiments exactly.  
thanks for bringing me here hax,
you're a beautiful writer-- i swoon and die for this...

now fuck off ;)
 — jenakajoffer

wow, ecstatic ...
 — AlchemiA

Damn good stufffffffffff
 — psychofemale

L50-52 my favorite. Please serve over shaved ice with a blessing.
 — NicMichaels


i thought |14 was sticking out
its head too much, but it's an
orange head and i liked it.

the rest was all a good surface
to reflect the light.

the transition from ||49-50 was
a bold move but all worth it.


who knows, you'll write a better
piece than this and that would be
better for all of us.

i mean, this is already good food.

; )
 — fractalcore

When comments come from Jenna, fractal and alch all in the same work, it makes one feel that one must be doing something right.  Thanks For that.  Jen...lol at "f* me", i guess that you got my reply in Wellesley.  ;) and Fractal, youre right.  14 was sticking out.  I tucked it back in.  thanks for pointing it out.
 — Haxxen

well, i was referring to the sonics along with the image
on that particular line -- don't change it as i think it's
the strophe's saving grace.

it's prosy and cliche in [other] places, too, but that's ok.
i tend to do the same thing.

again, good job on this.

; )
 — fractalcore

48 and 49
 — unholy

L's 42-44 for me. Maybe between the next ten comments, we'll have the whole poem torn to favorite pieces
 — Crayon

Beautiful poem!

The rhythm in this made me palpate!
 — dax

 — goeszon

Life is more complicated than it seems, I think.
 — technomancer

Life is as complicated than it seems, I think.
 — technomancer

"strong belief that we don't have to break the rules of language to convey something new and original"

I like that technomancer.  I believed the opposite, but you're making me rethink.
 — Haxxen

I enjoyed reading this. The words and rhythm flowed effortlessly and swept me away. Thanks.
 — lalita

Ah, Haxxen.  There is nothing more I could say about this that hasn't already been said.  A beautiful piece of writing.
 — PaulS

A complex piece that does not shy away from being complex, and allows both the poet and reader to indulge in great ideas through some abstracted elaborated imagery and forms.
Not sure why this one has passed my notice until now, but well worth the read.
 — jharrison

 — unknown