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No need for vengeance
We've turned to peace
We've quit throwing stones
To feed our disease
Civil and focused
No need to cower
No need to hate
There's too much desire
When our eyes meet
The connection's unbreakable
Could get us in trouble
If we're not careful
I wish I could hate you
But that's not the case
I wish I could love you
But that thought's a waste

26 May 10

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song like
 — unknown

bong like
 — unknown

like it
 — silentspring

 — psychofemale

it is lyrical.  i enjoyed it
 — Tandisol

thank you :) i made this into a song last night....funny you say that haha
 — psychofemale

any other suggestions?
 — psychofemale

makes a good song- indeed.
 — mandolyn

thank you :D
 — psychofemale

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