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don't worry 'bout the hole
concentrate on filling the bucket
the hole is complete
when the bucket is heaped

30 May 10

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what are you doing here?  why are you doing it?  we need to know how many holes, their location and perhaps an equivalent that the audience can identify with.  i'm not giving you a rate until you meet our demands.
 — unknown

unknown, maybe that is for us to figure out...or not to figure out. Sometimes when poetry is analyzed to much or explained to thoroughly, it looses its meaning...In the words of some poet that I can't quite remember right now...Don't beat a poem with a rubber hose and demand a confession...ok sorry, little rant that only partially applies to your comment, but I've always wanted to say this on this website.

I like the poem, I see how maybe a bit more could be added, but it is also very good in its simplicity.
 — Sea-Air-A

Giddy on up.
 — mandolyn

all little like how you say to yourself when you're afraid of the dark. over said, to block the ghosts, and narrow, because you're afraid to say too much to get their attention.
 — bmikebauer

was replanting this morning.
 — hank

oh, and by the way, i did think long and hard about giving you all of that info.
 — hank

you said it to yourself and in sign language. what we'd like is something we can read or hear.
 — bmikebauer

interesting i think
 — psychofemale

so there you are...both. read and hear. ssshhhh....
 — hank

worst move you can make is to pretend the fairies whispered the poem in your ear.
 — bmikebauer