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Curious Unrelated Incidents at The Dog Inn

The ordinary image of sepia tinted parents
stood warily while photographed outside "The Dog Inn"
nineteen forty something
brought back a later time there,
of our meal half eaten,
me leaving, adrift.
You brought so many gifts  to my door
but sifting through love at the wrong time,
in the wrong place, is as hopeless as tears
that shift butterfly days  back into the past.

30 May 10

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i liked the ending to this
 — psychofemale

thanks for your time and trouble pf

Larry troubled times Lark
 — larrylark

this has been done. and better. curious incidentals in the night.
 — unknown

Your probably write unknown but who knows, like i always put my name up while others don't, and thats been done and better to, incidentally

Larryout in the unknown Lark
 — larrylark