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In the Field Beyond My House

Two ways back home
I'll take the long one
The one that reminds me
where I'm from
The nights in the field
searching for spirits
In the land of stone
beyond the ditch
Where I almost lost
my life one time
Racing to win
it hurts to rewind
The past can take you
to places forgotten
Like the field beyond
my house and garden
Blowing up lovers
in beautiful fireworks
To hurt who hurt us
to feel some worth
A sweet revenge
A personal release
In the field I grow
and I still dream

2 Jun 10

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I like it, but I like the ending the most. L 21-24 A+ .
 — Seanote

thank you :) ..tis a true poem
 — psychofemale

I enjoyed the poem, especially the 2nd verse, it has something of the mystical about it.
 — UHamilton

i love lines 17 and 18. nice one, psychf..
 — majan

very nice. thanks.
 — unknown

thanks guys that really means a lot :)
 — psychofemale

More like a poem than a song this time. Nice one.
 — JKWeb

Why thank you :) means much!!
 — psychofemale

well done like steak
 — unknown

LOL thanks  
 — psychofemale

i love and adore all of your musical writing. lyrical sonics that come from the heart.
 — unknown

awh thanks so much!!
 — psychofemale

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