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After a lilac bush, a truck

for Little Man 1996-2010

like silk, blood washes better in cold water
you were
just faster in your old legs this morning,
butterfly jeweled by spring
we split a biscuit, and i gave you
most of the butter -
swallowed your last breath together
spent-oxgen-red, cocooned

5 Jun 10

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Tender, lovely...Love L3 and L5-6.
Would you mind providing a bit of reference for better understanding?
 — sybarite

Nice poem.
Tittle works well.
5-6 made me smile.
8 made me a little sad.
 — Quen

Heart wrenching
 — psychofemale

so sad, but this is a lovely tribute to a faithful companion!
 — Tandisol

..and thanks to Tandisol's comment, I have clued in to what this is about.  
Sometimes I have moments completely without illumination!  

Still a lovely, poignant piece.
 — sybarite

OMG... :-(  Reminds me of when one of MY faithful companions passed.  I was in the vet's office where he was euthanized. (He was "Spook," a big, beautiful, 29lb. black kitty.)  I held him face to face and swallowed HIS last breath.  This is beautiful and very sad piece.  The whole thing is a masterpiece.  xo
 — starr

This is almost too sad to read.  I have put off reading this since I didn't want to know but it's exquisite, completely good.  Just as sad as I expected.  It made me want my dead cat to be alive when I get home.  She sometimes visits by making just one of my vertical blinds wave.  It's cool but a little distracting!

Good write.
 — Isabelle5

Don't be sad, Isabellicious.  As you always tell me, "She and HE are still with me."  Same for YOU TOO!  Miss Fluff is still with you, babygirl.  xo
 — starr

I know and I can still feel Katy jump onto my bed but not as often as she used to.  Thanks, Starry man!
 — Isabelle5

It's sad though, honey.  I know.  I miss my "Boobs" every single day for 4 years now; still sleep with her ashes tucked under my chin where she used 2 have her little head.  They're still with us somehow.  :-(  
 — starr

Nic, the title didn't even impact me at first until I read the poem and critted it.  Fitting beyond fitting and my condolences.  :-( xo
 — starr

Thank you everybody for reading and commenting and sharing yours. I think maybe we miss these guys because they are born knowing how to love, and we spend a lifetime learning and unlearning that. Thanks again.
 — NicMichaels

I just adopted.  Though I seem to have a high allergic reaction to her so I am uncertain if it will work out.  That is a terrible feeling as believe dogs are amazing companions and have missed having one.  She is a sweetheart too.  Going to try some over-counter generic Claritin to see if I can manage.

A compact write.  L4 is the gem.  Though the rest works.  

I question 'cocooned' in L9, but then again, on other reads it doesn't seem so glaring.  

I thought I read this before June 5th?  Post & Re-Post maybe?  Did you edit?  Or am I just imagining things? (Wouldn't be the first time.)
 — OldShoe

What a lovely, lovely tribute.  L 1 sets the tone, L 4 is as good as it gets and lines 7 and 8 are heartwrenching to say the least--a beautifully written piece.
I posted a poem a while ago titled "Molly" that deals with the grief of losing my four-legged friend but it's no way near as good as this.
 — PaulS

Thank you everybody for reading and commenting and sharing yours. I think maybe we miss these guys because they are born knowing how to love, and we spend a lifetime learning and unlearning that. Thanks again.

God, your new husband's a very blessed man.  I hope HE realizes this TOO.
You're intoxicatingly beautiful, Nic.  :-O
 — starr

Excellent read. L5-6 make it a love song.
 — Greybird

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 — unknown

well, maybe i'm blind but i can't seem to see any research, perhaps that's the key to good writing. an instinctive gift for storytelling, nic delights us with the minimum amount of plot he can get away with and still functions within the parameters of poetry.  wonderfully vague.
 — manuka

I thought nic micheals was a he.
 — unknown

this is great in a broke back sort of way.
 — unknown

by the lilac bush is where my childhood friend lays sleeping.
 — ghost

^ ?

I showed this to my friend the other night.
I left out swallowed.

I think only the best poems come with loss.

More tee - woods.
 — Quen

 — unknown

Yeah sorry, i was drunk-ish
But it was the first poem i printed and kept close-ish
ok, well it did go back to the library inside Michale Ryan
"shoot first"

 — Quen

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 — unknown

 — unknown

 — unknown

Nothing typical about this and yet nothing obscure
a pleasure to read is all i have to say
 — unknown

I really like this alot.
 — Empty

That last line, so unexpected, and yet...a snug fit.
 — aurelius

Haven't I already mentioned how touching this is? I thought I had! Wonderfully emotional and loving.
 — jharrison

I have a very old dog.  I could barely read this.  Made me sob, actually.  Kudos -- very lovely.
 — JaneyJane

# 3 on the top, good for you!  (Not that ratings count but #3!  yay!)
 — Isabelle5

this is beautiful little thing.
 — svart

Thank you.

One of those rare poems that actually feels finished to me! (nicmichaels)
 — unknown

this little write, is still good...
 — Empty

so sad :(
 — unknown

I thought I'd commented on this, still reading it and being touched by it. lovely, and sad
 — crimsonkiss

You wouldnt think someone as arrogant and uppity as Nic M
could write something like this.
 — unknown

yeah well the dog was mine and he was arrogant enough to think he could stop a pick up and he did that day, so right back at you.
 — NicMichaels

This about a dog? I thought it was about a child. I take back my 10.
 — unknown

off course it's about a dog silly. a booldog. he was marking his territory on a truck tire when the driver accelerated. a dried turd stuck to his arse, was the last thing to go through his mind, as his brains were spattered on the tar. the moral of the story: check out the size of the wheel, before pissing someone off.
 — unknown

may you both get rabies, have your heads cut off and sent to labs for testing.
 — NicMichaels

i've been tested. i have rabies flat-out.

better not diss my next poem -

i'll bite your fingers off

and make you foam at the mouth.

 — unknown

nice try, but i worked for a vet. i'm innoculated, i'd just need a booster. fingers are overrated, as is your foam i'm sure.

btw, please identify yourself so that i can be sure to diss your work if it deserves it. if it's worth praising, i'll be sure to do that, too.
 — NicMichaels

it's better if i don't identify myself. it'll keep you honest and you'll never diss another poem.

 — unknown

Nice poem, maybe it is just a little bit sad, but it lyrics, thanks a lot for sharing with term papers others!
 — unknown

this is about a dog? and here it was some poignant homage to dead child...jeez
 — unknown

the child's name was Brutus. does that answer your question?
 — unknown