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Like Father like Son

I looked my father in the knee,
he kicked till i was bleeding.
Said "Life is full of hard knocks,
Nothings ever easy."
He bounced me on his bulging gut,
said "Gluttony's a sin.
What you don't need you should not eat,
throw it in the bin."
At shoulder height he was inclined
to barge the front of queues.
"Tread them down all of your life,
it's either them or you."
Do we now see eye to eye,
am i beggared by belief?
Grandad says it must be true,
from nine foot underneath.

11 Jun 10

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Wow. this is deep......literally.
 — psychofemale

Its like me pf...deep in a superficial way

Larry river deep mountain high
 — larrylark