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Second hand

Everything caused him to creep.
A slow steady gait became his fate.
Reflective positioning his way in this world.
He loved to watch sun dials
whirl through shadows,
never realising he’d missed
the vast sweep of a universe,
forever turning as it raced towards infinity
beyond the curse of time,
scorching the face of his clock.

17 Jun 10

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Nitpicking - I'd take out 'was' from L3 and at L4 sundials? But I enjoyed this greatly especially the sharp title, even felt sympathy for the helpless procrastination involved.
 — unknown

i like the honesty in this
 — psychofemale

Thanks for the advice unknown
 — larrylark

I am a very honest person PF except when i am being dishonest

Larry without sin Lark
 — larrylark