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Night Class

People carrier slides into car park,
past visitors two hour stay sign,
lines up in disabled parking space.
Young girl, nineteen, twenty?
steps down casual smart dress,
neat, functional, trousers pressed,
hair scraped back, tied behind head.
Social services? Helper? Nurse?
Matter of fact, focused stride,
looks neither left or right.
In a dead straight line,
disappears inside college of education.
Five minutes pass,
I idly listen to football match.
She’s out, pushing young girl,
sixteen? seventeen? In wheel chair.
I turn commentary down,
neither speak, not a sound.
The vehicle door clicks open.
Girl swiftly lifted into seat,
Wheelchair pressed to a neat pile
in one smooth movement.
Car light switched on, reveals stylish interior.
Starry dark, freezing cold,
yet window winds down,
Engine switched on, idling.
Flare of a match, a cigarette lit.
“How was it sis?
“Shakespeare is such bliss……"
“How can I compare thee to a summer rose?”
she sighs, “You are more beautiful
than any rose.” came the swift reply.
Smoke swirled into starlit night,
moon cast icy glitter on nearby path.
Someone coughed, laughed,
then they were gone.
I turn the car radio back up full,
but missed the result.

24 Jun 10

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Interesting one.
 — psychofemale

Which one?
 — larrylark

you're like the littlest Ronnie, the one in the chair, aren't you?!
 — manuka

ach, i'm still not understanding it well enough!!  how could i write such a stupid thing!

sorry, of course you're not.
 — manuka

I always see myself as infintisimally tiny Mandy

Larry titch Lark
 — larrylark

This was written as observed Mandy and i suppose it is about love and art carrying us to dizzying heights

Larry looking at stars
 — larrylark