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I hold these truths to be self evident:

That each night can be my last
That their will come a time I would not be able to hear my parent’s voice-----
six feet underground
That people are the best books I will ever read
but are the easiest to be torn
That the sun will always hurt
That life is having a hard time lifting my spoon for it is full of my waste
That no one is a failure because they never reach their dreams
That the purpose of existing is all about God
That I want to live like a fish hook so I can carry people out from heavy waters
That problems are seeds that sprout into answers when you give them enough sunlight
That no matter what happens weather you read me or not I will always write
That when I fall in love I know I will say, “what, this is it?”
That friends are soft drinks filled in my cup
though they are not perfectly healthy for me--- I will drink  
and I will feel them inside of me like bubbles in a dessert
That my family is the trees and the plants for they make it easier for me to breath

2 Jul 10

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Gosh, this is so good and so true, I loved every ounce of this, so fill up the rest of my cup with your writing, I don't care if its healthy for me either. :)
 — psychofemale