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Darling, I loved you

On the concrete sidewalks
crowded with love,
the edge of the night stalked me.
With the heaviness of knowing
I was left behind,
to twist in the wind.
I was a fool who let the cherished
moments that were you, slip away.
I remember your soft hair
as I once settled snugly, taking
pleasure in it's soft scent. As you
wore your love like heaven.
Your delicate ears
that once felt the close breathe
I had to offer, what did you think
I would say at that moment?
Darling, I love you.
Your beautiful eyes held mine
we didn't have to speak...
your pleasurable lips parting,
brushed mine as we shared
The nape of your neck
belonged to me, with tender
touches my lips excited you.
Feeling your heart racing very
close to mine.
I felt the treasures you offered me,
pressing against my chest.
We belonged together
those warm days and nights.
I was careless with the moments
we were away from each other,
though you had captured my heart.
One thing I won't forget is losing you

9 Jul 10

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I would end this at L35.
 — mandolyn

bumma. if only we could all be Frost
accosting his own poem.
 — unknown

Your Correct   ;)
 — ambiguos

wow. as i read this my heart ached...this was beautiful and touching. i really could relate
 — psychofemale