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Chorley to Charnock Richard

Where’s the train going?
Chorley ….Chorley
Where’s the train come from?
Charnock Richard.
There’s a depot by the rail
makes them all go rain or hail
and a story to be sung
by a steaming iron lung.
There’s a sleeper on the track,
gone too far no turning back.
Along the coast a slackening sail
as boats head for home again.
Where’s the boat going?
Wish that I was going ,
with them ..with them.
Instead of rolling down the rails,
chasing after my own tail
To Chorley …Chorley…
To be chanted slowly and deliberately

There is actually no railway line between Chorley and Charnock Richard but the countryside round that part of Lancashire with its sleepy places and sweeping Belmont Moor that  tumbles down towards rich grassland is indescribably beautiful so i won't describe it, I'll just write a couple of made up fanciful bunch of words.

12 Jul 10

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To be chanted slowly and deliberately
yes chanting deliberately sounds good.
 — ghost

Dear ghost

i find you in the spirit of deliberation

Larry spectral Lark
 — larrylark

...along the coast a slackening sail / as boats head for home again

i did print this and go outside to sit at the picnic table at my work.  i chanted it, as recommended.   just invoking the names...chorley, charnock richard, lythem...brought tears of longing to my eyes.  a longing for places i've never seen.  a sweet ride of a piece.    
 — pittsburgh

are you married to the "(fade)" in line 20?  the ellipses, i believe, are enough.
 — pittsburgh

A great ride for any age. I'd like to see it illustrated by Dave McKean.
 — unknown

Thank god for holidays Pittsburg when i can sit out on the porch and stare longingly at Photographs of faraway places

Larry vacant vacations Lark
 — larrylark

so would I
 — larrylark

I am fading away Pittsburgh

Larry fading star Lark
 — larrylark

no no....!  stick.  stay.
 — pittsburgh

Chug chug chug...puff puff puff..that poor little steam train has had enough. Up on moor down in dale no wonder his driver is turning bright pale

Larry here forever but with a slight fade Lark
 — larrylark

 — psychofemale

Thanks PF
 — larrylark