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the way i see the world
everything has a sound

13 Jul 10

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i just love the way this thing lines up. it's perfect. i love it. im still wondering bout the title though? not quite enough oomph? possibly? dunno. if it were mine (and ofr course its not but im \just taking inordinate libertitties) . . . . i'd name it "parallel bars"

thank you, Nadia
 — unknown

:D bravo to you
 — psychofemale

'alert' is in sound-space for this poem, i think. is that what it is? and, the idea is that sounds have colors and shapes, and that the author is so into the world of creativity that ordinary ways of saying things 'sound', 'sight' are not enough to say what's actually going on?

so, but, you know this, nadia, you can actually see the colors of the symphony and sing the music of trees and colors...

but, this poem: the problem with this simple saying of a truth, is that it comes as an aphorism and is dead wording -- the images don't let us hear your music. there's some poems which do allow this: 'sam ra goose', say, where you read it and it turns from sounds-with-definitions into colors and light.

i think the art of poetry is to show what can't be said in prose-conversation chatting about what color the house should be painted and what to play on the cd.
 — bmikebauer

 — unknown