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you know what they say...

When it rains, it pours,
and damn it's raining hard.
Everything falling down with it,
everything falling out of place.
The tears,
the memories,
the laughter and sadness...
such a heavy weight to carry on those shoulders...
adds on about 150 pounds,
and just when I thought things couldn't get worse,
I thought wrong.
The sick are getting sicker,
and things once new,
are getting old...
and so they say it's time for a change,
but I'm not ready for "change".
Houses going up for sale,
and memories going out to sail...
sailing far away.
A picture's worth a thousand words,
but I'd cry a thousand tears,
to take those pictures again,
and keep those memories where they
need to be...
where they happened,
where they took place,
where I was born and raised,
but they say when you get older,
you have to be ready for change.
I wish I could change,
change back into that seven year old,
whose only worries were...

15 Jul 10

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Fine poem, the idea is so clear, and you used a ton of the figures of speech, I liked your pun in Sale and Sail. Your rhythm is short and fast, you used the three dots pause very well too.
 — Duke_Medhat

"Figures of speech"=cliche
 — unknown

thanks duke that means a lot

for the monkey's Unkle.....I like figures of speech, why would we teach them to kids at school if they weren't meant to be used?
 — psychofemale

the world cliche is getting pretty cliche if I can say so myself. learn a new word, maybe even use a figure of speech next time
 — psychofemale

Yeah, enjoyed the f.o.s.'s I like using them myself a figure of speech saved is a figure of speech earned. Like the whole breakdown of progression, and the wish to revert and change. Reminds me alot about life in general, good write keep on it.
 — Thenameless

thanks!! :D
 — psychofemale

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