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Alter Ego

We're here, stuffed, separate boxes,
locked in, each feeds off the other,
riddles speak,
antique to the tip of our tongues,
mocking tales concocted
that never belong.
I speak, you don’t hear,
on it flows,
babble grows immense,
dense, centred on black holes.
I don’t see you,
Yet we are close,
frozen nose to nose.
Your cold sweats become mine,
Your correspondence, my letters.
Long ago we were unfettered,
better than peas in pods
opening onto a  stiff breeze,
easing all over the place.
Now clammed up close,
gazing through each others stare,
not even sure who's there.

24 Jul 10

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larry larry quite contrary, this is some lovely write ~
 — mandolyn

I don't think so Mandolyn but its a moment on a journey to who knows where
 — larrylark

A little rambling right now, but rending just the same. Anybody who's fought through a long and close relationship will feel the sincerity in this.
 — A

You can see it as the end of a long relationship A but i was writing primarily about the internal dialogue beween the constructed sels and largely unfettered ego that lurks , barely concious.
 — larrylark

this is excellent!!! :D
 — psychofemale

Dear PF

Thanks but it is only a preliminary draft. The poem i want to write on this fascinating Psycho drama of the mind is a long way down the end of a very dark tunnel.
 — larrylark

great stuff.:)
 — unknown

Thanks Unknown
 — larrylark