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How Not To Photograph People From Your Car

Sat,with that automatic digital snapper,
no larger than a fag packet,
nestling among the static fluff stuffed in your pocket.
You got bored waiting so long……....
for that correct configuration
of light and shade come on song.
The next woman wiggling past in the rain,
who must be walking a dog,
which must be black as night,
or a St.Bernard with a barrel tied,
and she’ll stoop to do up her shoe
while the dog squats, does its do do’s………
so you read the paper.
.........Looking up you see it straight in front, like déjà vu.
Too late! A clueless fumble, fingers tangled
among a jumble of loose change, ancient bus tickets,
a receipt from Sainsbury’s, but already you know,
your only as good as all those photo’s in the minds eye,
and on most days your mind's eye is blind.
By the time you point the camera
you can’t find her anywhere,
and anyhow,  dogs won't do what you want them to do

28 Jul 10

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well then......
 — psychofemale

The fabricated sloppiness is hard to overcome. I believe it's a device to portray the messiness of N's car and thoughts, but it took me three readings to come to that. Now, maybe I'm just dense, but a lot of other readers are, too. And how many of those other readers would bother to read this more than once?
 — A

Yes thank you PF I am very well thank you
 — larrylark

I'm sorry this poem brought the shutters down and produced a negative mode. Fortunately or otherwise, i do so enjoy wallowing in fabricated sloppiness which lens itself so well to a snap shot of other peoples endlessly sloppy lives.

Larry automatic lark
 — larrylark