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Whales, Goats and Him

tangled in a
I wave to the whale
beside me
he squirts me in the face
knocks me back
a football field
the landscape is pretty here
no room for conversation
or experience
perfect for the
odd man out
I'm the crooked woman
doomed with...
the goat
holding the violin
warning enough
but I keep on walking
the way I like it
it's the only way
I can carry him

16 Aug 10

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Ok, this is wonderful. This is my favorite of yours. 14-17 is great.
 — mandolyn

but just remember not to become the 'others' -- I am seeing that a little in the way you write. don't lose your 'own'
 — mandolyn

Well done! I am especially fond of the last stanza. It's the perfect ending to this poem.
 — whiteheat

thanks guys :D
 — psychofemale

 — psychofemale