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Welfare State 1947

My Grandma seemed such a funny sort of woman,
always something baking in the back of her oven.
Piece of neck end or bread and butter pudding,
her husband Bobby dropped down dead all of a sudden.
She went to the opticians and her eyes got fixed,
Then on to the chiropodist to get her toes unpicked.
Down to the Doctor’s “What did you say?”
He straight away gave her a brand new hearing aid.
He said “Take some advice about that nasty coffin.
Undertaker down the way will do you up for nothing’ “
Doc said when he saw her on the very day she died,
“Never saw a fitter corpse in the whole of my life.”

23 Aug 10

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The Welfare State is one of the best things to have ever happened to the UK. It immediately lifted millions of people out of slave wage poverty and industrial living conditions.
If we have to pay taxes, this is where I like my tax money to go.
A touching eulogy to your Grandmother, and an excellent nod to the Welfare State.
 — jharrison

Hi jh
I totally agree, but watch the greed fuelled Tories carry on snipping away at it as they try to convert us to privatised health care to line the pockets of the already well lubricated super rich, attempting to destry probably the greatest piece of reforming in the history of Britain.

Larry for the people Lark
 — larrylark

I really enjoyed the read
 — psychofemale

Thanks PF. I got the idea for this one while taking a perm at my local tanning commotion shop.

Larry highly glossed Lark
 — larrylark