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the water secret

we have fallen down again, where
i want to sleep inside of you, you want to
wake up deep within me
the river has arms, you say into my neck,
grazing carotid tributary to draw me outside of myself,
to show me colors, so many colors of riverbed rock
i want to die inside of you, my admission
coming in little clouds of truth as you pull me down to you,
my occasional gravity - you say, "you won't course away"
you are thick with salt and honeyed skin, i move
like sap coursing the creases of molten rock,
i ride this amber current we are building
and when the cistern cracks, we both notice the overturn, silent
as an egg shattering, violent
as a thousand burning houses contracting with water prayer

30 Aug 10

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ooh this is brilliant. and beautiful and oohhhhhh ohhhhhhooooooooooo oooooooooooooooh! thanks for posting.
 — funes

bravo! nicely written and one w/c unearths truth..the water secret..hmm..
 — softyetharsh

 — Sequiturist

you know what unk, went back to reread a few times more and it's getting lovelier everytime..;)
 — softyetharsh

you know what, it's not our turn to go to the gas chambers again.
 — unknown

Thank you all for the comments.
 — unknown

Very nice. Minds images course like the river. Well written with good metaphor.
 — JohnW

 — unknown

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