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I sleep with a pillow under my gun
I walk on coal the size of softballs
I chew swords for toothpicks
pain is not an issue
for me
you break my heart
and then the epic title
will be yours.

8 Sep 10

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You slay me.
I am slayed.
Putty in your hands.
 — mandolyn

Dangit PSYCHO!

hehe, I thought a dude wrote this.
(I'd punch you if you were in arms reach)

L1 is brilliant.
 — mandolyn

Line 1 is a work of art.
The rest is an re-enactment of assertion. Not a bad thing, but the message may be wasted on us as we don't know your power.

I'd like to hear more about that. Your power doesn't always have to be directed at 'them'.
 — jharrison

it does sound like a dude should have written this-- am i right?
i mean, men usually never admit to having a broken heart.
so it made sense to me before i knew a female wrote it. it was sweet, thinking only a lady could soften him.

or is that just sap? yeah, it's sap.

carry on-
 — mandolyn

Sap indeed.  Hard women make men hard?  Hard women make men into men.

Have mercy on me, love.
 — technomancer

ah psycho haha, I didn't expect this from you :)
 — technomancer

LOL thank you you all!! I guess I am tricking everyone today with my poetry. I am glad you all liked it! :D
 — psychofemale

I think this poem is wearing a strap-on

 — Estella

 — psychofemale

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