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Early 50's

Grey pants, shirt, tie, sandels, socks;
brylcreem smeared upon my locks.
Dennis Compton what a man,
off to school, with my friend Stan.
Bags this bags that I bags the shop,
stop your gob with lollipops
A penny farthing for your thoughts,
Beano stuffed inside my coat
I hate girls so soppy wet
though it felt strange inside my chest,
when Sarah Pickles brushed my arm,
will I really come to harm?
Conkers cattypult gutter games,
lost my marbles, that’s not changed.
Gazing from my school photo,
I never knew, so far to go.

Dennis Compton -the greatest English cricketer of his era and the first sportman here to advertise a product ....Brylcreem

Penny Farthing...a dime in old English money. Also a strange Victorian Bycycle

Beano  the fav comic of kids in the 50's

Bags Game  where you had to race from shop window to toy shop window claiming verbally all that was in there...a sort of early form of consumerism

Girls strange creatures who landed on Earth from the planet Zog and who smelt as fresh as daisy's and always wore immaculately pressed school uniforms beneath which sometimes white knickers were glimpsed and this caused many boys to academically under perform through lack of concentration

gutter games literally what it says....games played in the gutter...like sailing match sticks and paper boats cigarette packet collecting and acting also as a little seat to have a brief rest from playing Kiss Catch.

Larry Social Historian Lark

18 Sep 10

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kiss chase!!


how cool. thanks for reminder.
 — unknown

I am the dude of cool

Larry in a sweat Lark
 — larrylark

I enjoyed this.  Photo and to go is a rough near- rhyme at the end, but fine.  Other than that your voice is very strong here.

10 for the Brits
 — technomancer

Like this a lot , Larry.  Hadn't heard "bags" for yonkeroonies. In my day it was "bags I'm in goal first for three and in, or such like. Happy trip down memory lane. Skillfully done with a lovely sense of humour. cheers, Albert :)
 — unknown

Hi Technomancer

Thanks for the constructive crit . I think foto anf go just about get away with it.

Larry fingers crossed Lark
 — larrylark

Hi Albert

you reminded me there of something i'd forgotten....that we too bagged positions on the football field. Thanks for another trip down memory lane

Larry The Bert trautman of the local park Lark
 — larrylark

I think your next poem should be based on what happened to Sarah Pickles (which rhymes perfectly with tickles) Larry.
 — Abracadabra

Hi Abracadabra

what a perfectly spiffing idea

Larry piccalilli Lark
 — larrylark