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Sarah Pickles (School Dinner Break 1958)

With Sarah Pickles round the back,
wild beating heart and pounding breath.
Brushed her lightly freckled arm,
her hand went down with touch so deft.
She pulled me in her lips were close,
my parting feet disturbed the grass.
Hot fingers stretched to touch her hem,
but some things happen far too fast.
She wiped herself off on my shirt,
the world shrank back to normal size.
I gave her half a crown I’d saved,
with trembling hand adjusted tie.

4 Oct 10

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half a crown?

dude, you must be very old

do you ride to work on a penny farting?
 — unknown

Only on my B-day
 — larrylark

older than them thar hills

Larry so old he's forgotten there's a tomorrow Lark
 — larrylark

perhaps too many 'hands' but that apart a lovely little piece. :)
 — unknown

thanks for noticing the hands

Larry half blind Lark
 — larrylark