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Life Cycle

Monday morning, felt rather ill,
coughing like a cow left out upon a foggy hill.
Tuesday evening, spitting up phlegm,
squawking down my nose like a great big rooster hen.
Wednesday my temperature went right off the scale
I was just as surely dying as a beached blubbing whale.
Thursday my heart was under great strain,
like King Kong trying to make himself a double daisy chain.
Friday I died at half past the hour of eight,
silent as an abattoir that's cleaned its daily slate.
By Saturday felt myself starting to revive,
as a bunny rabbit wakes up in a motor car head lights.
Sunday i was cured and strolling through the park,
like a butchers dog that found a bone while sniffing in the dark.

21 Oct 10

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like jesus
 — manuka

Praise be the lord for he doeth much good work but why should i care being in the devil's camp.

Larry on fire ...well slightly singed Lark
 — larrylark

people who do voluntary work are "just shit" -- Syd Barretts mate.

 — unknown

I think you need a licorice all sorts

Larry suck it and see Lark
 — larrylark

dig it.
 — unknown

Well get a spade and dig me back out of the ground then

Larry premature end Lark
 — larrylark

Hi sir Larry of Lark - flu's a bitch if your week is full of androgynous chickens, bunny-fluffs and hyper-inflated primates. Beechams. You need Beechams. Cheerz. mitch :-)
 — pdemitchell

Thanks for the medication Mitch..those white powders are all the rage these days, or so i hear i hasten to add

Larry talced and medicated Lark
 — larrylark

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