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Four Reflections On Sunrise

Golden graffiti composed upon brick,
each letter linked by the first ray of sun.
Creatures of night put love in this place,
brush head and turpentine will see that its gone.
Sun set like an orange blancmange
among purple hills dark as octopus ink;
beyond lies the dead of night.
Where to go?
When to sleep?
Where the smouldering mattress,
singed sheets?
Fret upon those lost hours,
leaves turned deep green?
The life sustained,
a waste of energy?
In all this time,
never changed his mind;
forever rising.
I swear the sun fell back
beyond far horizons.
Skies wept, grey clouds
hung heads in shame,
stars swept themselves away.  
Thought better of it
and soon was enduring
one more daily grind
around the day.
I stretch finger tips,
fluttering like delicate wings
of tiny birds awakening
towards where the sun played
among black branches.
Above, the whole of heaven
awaited warming.

26 Oct 10

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"he" says it's arrogant, and condescending, to assume that a poem by an internet toon character can fix what has transpired. "he" wants heads-to-roll justice, not cheap-trick public relations exercises, where the perpetrators come out smelling like roses. "he" also says that if the powers-that-be have anything to say to him, which they'd like to be considered seriously, they know how to contact him by e-mail or cellular phone.

that's what "he"says, larrylark.
 — unknown

And maybe he'll get it because i don't

Larry enough said Lark
 — larrylark

Ahhh, extending the metaphor of "he"

hehe hehe hiccup he

too many "he's" here (not his year) Larry.

Perhaps a pronoun cut?

Ahh tishoe (not old shoe)

 — unknown

He he he I stand corrected and fall on my haw...

Larry Asses Head Lark
 — larrylark

There you go...no more He Man
 — larrylark