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Nowhere Street (1931)

Crumbling stone wall.
Rainfall whispers
on glistening cobbles.
Damp shawl shadowed
beneath gaslight’s mantle.
Silence screams.
Gleam of well scrubbed step
Small girl steals past.
This is her home,
but she stays outside,
pressed against a bricked up archway
She calls. A name no body knows.
Moves further away.
Stepping from pools of light,
hands reach into the heart of darkness,
moth flutters in a flame.

10 Nov 10

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How do, sir larry of lark. A fine slice of interwar urban streets (reminds me of Beasley Street by J. Cooper-Clarke - well worth a listen on youtube). Would an oppressed child skip by, I wonders? And a bricked up wall? Do you mean doorway, giving her some shelter? Nae bad, there. Cheerz. Mitch :-)
 — pdemitchell

    Okay I will give you the little girl, or whatever... this started out in a way that had me then the little girl broke the scheme... only my distraction took me away from the whole piece, I thought well about this one skirting the rare...
 — gblade

Thanks for your insightful and helpful suggestions Mitch
 — larrylark

Hi gbladw

I see this as a starting point,,,maybe an impressionistic sketch of something much more firmly developed
 — larrylark