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bathroom spill

I contemplate now,
s{h}itting at the loo,
what it really is like
to be crammed in a zoo?
Where rhinos and horses
and elephants too,
All run around bare
like most Chimpanzees do
I suppose life is like that,
a bit of a poo
a zoo 'quipped with booze
and Cadillacs, too.
A zoo of abandon
where owners have left,
and all that they've kept
is the hope and the zest
And 'ways when it's our turn,
we give it our best
We're miserably failing,
yet raise we our chests.

28 Nov 10

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 — unknown

Keep right on to the end of the poo

Larry land of bogs Lark
 — larrylark

Yes life is a bit of a poo.
 — Ansel

:)) Larry land of bogs Lark; wish I was born with a name like that, it'd make life less pooey.
 — faith

I like this because I know you, but line 20 is your best here methinks.
17 is interesting too though.  'ways.... as in "always"?  very creative
 — Haxxen