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Bubble And Squeak

Its not like it tastes on Boxing Day
because its not made with those sprouts
and potatoes, while the shallots you got
out of someone’s allotment
won’t cook to a mush,
like those from Sainsbury’s,
purchased in a Christmas rush.
Yule tide tom foolery arrives soon enough,
but you can’t recreate the taste of left over stuff;
the mess discarded from a groaning festive feast,
in the middle of May, as buds burst beyond Easter.
For a true authentic taste you have to wait,
till bubbles are flat, the mash wears a crusty hat
and the onions curl round the sprouts,
as all starts to imperceptibly decay,
the morning after Christmas Day.

It is a tradition in many dwellings of lower order types like wot I is to make a dish called bubble and squeak out of the Christmas Dinner Leftovers anddrunk with flat champagne. Many also eat it during the year as it is cheap and economical for poor folk like me who can only afford to go drinking and playing Bingo 8 days a week. But why does that Bubble and Squeak never taste as good as the bubble and squeak made on Boxing Day?

PS I do not require a reply to that question.

8 Dec 10

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absolutely delightful, Larry, you have tickled my holiday spirit and reminded me of my dear ol' Nan.   Second stanza is my fave, i always love tom foolery, hehe... and Your footnote is cute :)

throw in the missing "u" (title)
i think some commas can be removed (L6,78,10,12,14)

Thank you and Merry Christmas!
 — Estella


I am most grateful for your lovely reply and excellent suggestions which i will act upon when I've finished frying up the bubble and squeak.Must fly...have a lovely Christmas and remember ...Larry loves you...in the nicest possible way.

Larry gourmet Lark
 — larrylark