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Aegri somnia vana...

Thick red dust
in the rainless,
heat of the dry season.
A hundred men lost in a hour
to no apparent end.
This wasn't where
the mess ended for me.
Because wars
have a way
of going on an on.
In your mind
and your soul,
long after you have left
the battlefield.

12 Jan 11

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does no one do commas anymore? L9 could use one after "soul"

i like this. simple and heavy.
 — mandolyn

Mandolyn... You Rock $$$
You know I am sometimes over doing the commas and other times I don't even put anything in...   I am glad this struck you I hope it struck some others too, being form the Viet Nam War when I was 18 for 20 months ... it was a waste of human life actually it was worst than that....you rock Poet thanks for your help I start school the 18th now I will learn English after 45 years  with a major in communications thanks again...
 — goeszon