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When I was about nine or ten
I plucked up courage at break time
to ask the class beauty for a bit of
her chocolate bar
She laughed and threw a piece on the ground
I picked it up
and ate it.

16 Jan 11

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get rid of 8
 — unknown

 — unknown

Thanks unks & V
same person B?
 — unknown

 — unknown

 — unknown

you're a fool, to have eaten it
 — unknown

there was no three second rule in these days :)
 — unknown

Why pick it up at all? Just grovel at her feet and slurp it up.

I don't like this as a "poem"; I'm not gonna say OMG ITS PROSE... but it definitely doesn't look like a poem to me.
 — aliar

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 — unknown

ta for commenting, al. :)
 — unknown

would be nice if moderators could nuke the ^essay pest^.
 — unknown

how about 'the courage' in L2?

 — mandolyn

My thinking was it read better without 'the'. Glad you like despite... :)
 — unknown

i would have given her the finger. i used to do that when i was nine. my mom used to call me pinkie.
 — unknown

Heh! Which one is you? ;)
 — unknown