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A Short Wish List

A Short Wish List
                  “Is pain an outright gift?”
                                   Reynolds Price
Who of you, wearing glowing gowns
of perfect health, would want to leave this earth,
(in a non-astronaut kind of way)?
I hope to be completely in pain, worn out
with a fifteen foot eyedropper of morphine nearby.
So uncomfortably miserable
that I want to step through myself,
or swim right back to the parallel
of that ruby-ruby red never land.
It won’t matter if no one remembers
my pain; how I lie, lips pursed,
refusing even water, sporadically twitching
my right thumb, trying to hitchhike
my skinny ass right on out of town.
Re-connect with a few old friends,
all of us sitting at picnic tables,
making love to each other
and racks of smoked pork
while sipping cold beer and sweet tea.

17 Jan 11

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This was kinda morbid...honestly.
 — psychofemale

Hi psychofemale,

yes it kind of is/was. I made a revision to further expound.

I drew some of the details from recently watching and helping a few people pass away peacefully.

 — Mic2

I like beer and ribs.
 — unknown