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Having the Sex Talk at 81

We didn't talk about sex when I was young,
forbidden even to touch our own
private places so it's liberating
to be able to talk honestly with my mother,
give advice when she says,
"It hurts when we try."
I offer to send lubricant for Mother's Day,
say it's the least she can do for a man
dying of Parkinson's, maybe his
uncontrollable trembling will
come in handy.
She laughs so hard she pees a little,
her "Oh, damn!" giving me the giggles.
When she tells me in hushed tones,
"Did you know Bill's daughter shaves "down there,"
I reply, "Doesn't everyone?"
She's still laughing when we hang up.

26 Jan 11

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would jesus write a poem like this?
 — unknown

No, he would tell you to shut up because it has nothing to do with this poem.
 — Isabelle5

shame on you isabelle. i thought you were a lady.
 — unknown

Would jesus tell people to shut up?
 — unknown

this is disgusting and tacky.
 — unknown

 — unknown

Only tacky to someone who doesn't talk openly with their own parent.  Yet you same people probably lapped up the nine day old vagina poem.

Hypocrites.  Being a lady has nothing to do with humor and there is nothing in this poem that can be taken as disgusting or unladylike.  Even ladies have to spread their legs to have sex, you think they demure lie down with their ankles crossed?
 — Isabelle5

i thought they did it through a hole in the sheet?

ok, i take it back. isabelle you're still the first lady of poetry critical.

 — unknown

bad prose
 — unknown

Isabelle--this is fresh, honest, funny, poignant, and such a genuine representation of how our relationships with our parents change as we age.  A very unique and delightful piece of writing.  

It may have a limited audience but I can't imagine a woman over 40 who's mom is still alive not appreciating this.
 — sybarite

7-11 is so funny and sad at the same time--really the very best part of this write.
 — sybarite

quit kissing ass sybarite
 — unknown

I shave "down there" too!  Mine's called my "snack pack."  Hehe.  :-O
 — starr

...And pretty cool that your mom's still sexually active in her senior years.  Awesome, actually!  Good for HER!  :-)
 — starr

bad prose.  
 — unknown

I really like the honesty in this poem. It is refreshing to me and on a topic that many avoid. In reading all the comments, I found nothing disgusting in the lines and discovered the truth. That is what I seek in a poem and I look for things said that others will not write about. Wonderful poem!!!
 — Travis

awkward title
 — unknown

Thanks to the adult poets here who understood and can appreciate the subtle changes in relationships as we grow up.  When I can make my mother laugh, it's the best thing.
 — Isabelle5

Still prose and still mundane

Not your cheerleader
 — unknown

Unknown, you can blather here all day but I don't pay attention to comments that are meaningless, vague and given by someone who isn't even brave enough to use their own name.
 — Isabelle5

U just did
 — unknown

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 — unknown

Very telling poem deserves 11
 — unknown